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We provide a variety oil field services in North Dakota, Montana, and Canada, and have been in business for over 54 years. Here are some of the services that we provide.

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Truck Division
(DOT 2306161 / MC 837702)
We currently have 6 fully equipped, interstate and Canada ready oil trucks, 29 water/service trucks, 2 winch trucks, and 2 Vac Trucks. 30+ heavy trailers in our fleet: crude oil, fresh water, production water, winch, and equipment flat bed.

Basin currently has 4 two-man roustabout crews, and a dedicated carpenter in the field, with the ability to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have crews with experience in dirt work, flow-line trenching, underground repair, above-ground repair, and new construction.

Lease Operators
Basin pumpers operate, by monthly contract, 400+ wells in over 20 fields in North Dakota. We have a 100% commitment to do what it takes to keep your production online. We have extensive experience with high maintenance water flood units and single leases.

Hot Oil Trucks
Basin Service uses custom built “Energy Fabrication” Hot Oil Units, engineered using quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Our operators have over 50 years of experience combined.

Mud Tanks, Three-sided tanks, Frac Tanks, Upright Tanks, Portable Heaters, Light-Plant/Generators, Man-Lifts, Site Dumpsters, Payloaders, and Skid Steers. By the day, by the hour, or by the job. Give us a call, and we can make sure you have what you need on site!

Support Staff
Committed Safety Division. Accurate and friendly office staff. Experienced Management. Second to none in North Dakota. You wont regret that you called us.

Delivering real, measurable results, that’s what we do.

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